Assuring Quality

Step 1: We assess your level. This involves a 20 minute conversation designed to assess your vocabulary and grammar against the CEFR.

Step 2:
 A detailed needs analysis is conducted which ensures learning objectives are in place for each lesson and for the overall learning programme.
Click here for the needs analysis form.

Step 3:
 Your progression is monitored through regular progress checks. At the end of each set of ten lessons you receive a profile of your strengths and of areas for development against the CEFR. 
The feedback on your progress is honest and constructive. Click here for the final report template

Step 4:
 At the end of course you receive a certificate, and a report which outlines what you ‘can do’, against the CEFR levels. This encompasses the core skills of speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening. The report also describes the vocabulary you have acquired and the aspects of grammar you have developed. At the end of the report a series of recommendations are made, designed to guide you in your future study. Click here for the final report template

Step 5:
 Your feedback. At the end of each course we ask you to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of our teaching. We collate all the feedback received from our customers and use this to improve and develop our courses and the quality of our teaching. 




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