Editing Services

editing services

What's the benefit to me? 

In business it's possible to 'get by' understanding only 50 - 75% of a document when you read it and, for those tricky bits, there's always Google Translate and a 'best guess' approach! 

Writing a document is more complicated.

Creating the right image and making your point, is essential. You need to say what you mean clearly and fluently. Whatever language you do business in, your use of that language must be excellent. Getting it all 'just right' involves the sort of skills and cultural knowledge that only a native speaker will have.

What we offer

The Language Partnership can help you create and maintain your Business Documents Resource Library.

Anything from standard emails and web content, to complex policy documents and tender bids. You’ll own all the documents, and having them on your IT system means they’re ready to use at any time. We offer consultancy and practical help to set up and maintain a document library specific to your needs. 

We can do this as part of our training strategy, teaching your staff how to use, manage and maintain the resource library as part of their English language programme, or we can do it as a separate project. 

In consultation with you, we’ll either create a new set of resources or review and edit existing documents. Working with your marketing department we can also edit all your public-facing communications.

Remember, it’s not just what you say but also how you say it. 

Ongoing support

We can offer a regular update service to ensure that your Business Documents Resource Library is constantly meeting your needs. We'll even contribute to your newsletter or in-house journal on a regular basis, covering topics and areas of interest specified by you. 

If you’d like to know more please contact us using the link on the right. 

No job is too small!






Enhance your public profile
We’ll improve your web copy and marketing materials, company or financial reports. Our review service ensures your documents remain current. 
Consistency and clarity
Standard e-mails and pro-formas, staff handbooks and guides… all written in excellent English. 
Ready to use
We work with you to produce a suite of best practice documents available on your IT system.
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