Our favourite idioms

The English language is rich in Idioms. We have listed some of our favourite idioms, use with care! 


Idioms of money

  • I am broke! I have no money!
  • In the black. You are making money, in profit.
  • In the red. You are losing money, in debt.
  • You burn money! You are spending money at a very fast rate!
  • She is loaded! She is very rich!
  • Money talks! The most important consideration is the money we will be paid.
  • On a shoestring. You have a very small budget.
  • To pay an arm and a leg. The item is very expensive.

Idioms for a senior manager 

All these idioms describe a leader or powerful person. They are very male oriented!

  • Big cheese, Big wig, Big gun, Big fish
  • Main man
  • Top man
  • Head honcho

Idioms of character 

  • Couch potato. A lazy person who sits on the sofa all day and watches TV.
  • Social butterfly. A superficial person who has many ‘Facebook’ friends but very few real friends.
  • An early bird. Someone who loves getting up early in the morning.
  • A pain in the neck. Somebody who really annoys you!
  • A diamond in the rough. Somebody whose manner and appearance might not be impressive but who has a very good character.

Idioms describing travel 

  • In the same boat. We are experiencing the same problem. 
  • Recharge your batteries. You need to do something that will give you more energy. 
  • See the world. You want to explore this incredible planet! 
  • Travel light. Don’t pack too many things for this trip. Even better just take hand luggage! 
  • One for the road. I am going to have an alcoholic drink before travelling. Be very careful here. 
  • Make tracks. I have to go! 
  • Get away from it. I need some time away from work (or whatever it is that is making me tired).
  • A change of scene. I need to visit a new place. This will refresh me. 

 Idioms describing sport 

  • On the ball. You have a strong understanding of the situation.
  • To kick start something. You start a project (sometimes used when a process/project/team has been temporarily inactive.)
  • Stay ahead of the game. You are the leaders in a particular field or business environment.
  • Approaching the finishing line. When you are nearing the end of a project/activity.
  • Plain sailing. An easy or simple situation.
  • Missed an open goal. You have failed to achieve an easy target/take an easy opportunity.
  • A two horse race. A close contest between two people/groups/teams/companies.
  • On the ropes. You are in a very bad/difficult situation.
  • Score an own goal. You make a mistake which has the opposite effect from what was hoped.
  • A level playing field. A situation which is the same for everyone.
  • In a league of their own. You are currently much better than your competition/rivals/peers.
  • Hit it out of the park/home run. You have achieved great success in a particular project/activity.
  • Taken your eye of the ball. You have lost your concentration/focus and have started to make mistakes.
  • Drop the ball. You have made a mistake/disappointed the people around you.





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