Useful verbs in Business English

A list of useful verbs that you can use in a professional context.

  • To invite: I will invite him to the meeting. 
  • To delegate: I want to delegate this project to you.
  • To reflect, consider, contemplate: I need to consider the options before making a decision.
  • To review, evaluate: I will review the report before making a decision.
  • To compromise: We need to compromise to move forward on this issue.
  • To challenge, disagree: I challenge that perspective.
  • To contribute: Thankyou, you contributed a great deal to the meeting.
  • To coordinate, organise: Can you organise the meeting for next Thursday?
  • To supervise, manage: I manage a small team in the Accounts department.
  • To improve: My objective is to improve customer service levels.
  • To advise, guide, support: He is new to this role, so you need to support him.
  • To develop, design, create: I have developed a new approach to this problem.
  • To implement: They implemented wide ranging cost savings. 
  • To launch, introduce: They are going to launch the new product in January.




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