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Bite sized grammar

Grammar does not need to be complicated, please find simple fact sheets explaining key areas of grammar. 

Developing your wider business skills

  • We view a Business English course as an excellent opportunity to develop your wider business skills.
  • We use a wide range of projects, activities and games which are designed to make learning innovative and develop wider professional skills.
  • Here are examples of the type of resources we use.

The Enterprise Project

In small teams you are going to develop a new product. You need to do the following:
  • Decide on your product idea
  • Name your product
  • Develop a logo for your product
  • Develop a slogan for your product
  • Write a product description and outline the unique selling points, target market and describe how you would sell and grow your product
  • Identify possible rival products
  • Define a price point, any promotional activities and roughly estimate the likely costs involved in producing your product
  • Present your product to your colleagues

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