Testimonials - New for 2020


The Language Partnership not only offers English lessons, there is a real long-term educational follow-up. Toby has a very good understanding of our company and our needs. He easily adapts to all the requests of our employees. Working with him is a real pleasure, we appreciate his availability and his tailor-made training. Learning with Toby is very pleasant and the lessons are always very interactive.

Laurence Longle
Talent Manager, LuxPET, Plastipak


It's always a special time for my team and me to have a course with Toby because each course is very well prepared and always in relation with our business core or our company.Since we've been working with Toby and his team, we increased drastically our participation rate at English courses but also the English level across all our team. 'Delivering Excellence in Business English' is a real strength for Toby and his team.

Vincent Siauve
Operations Manager, LuxPET, Plastipak


I think we had a lot of luck because Toby has not just been a good teacher but a very good guide around London. Toby is a kind teacher who creates a good feeling which enables an exchange of knowledge. He understands what I need and understands the person.

Marianne Laffut
Accountant, Lhoist


It was a real pleasure to learn English with you. Your courses were very challenging and interesting (subjects, the diversity of the media used). I have never had an English teacher as motivated as you to teach their mother tongue. Thanks also for supporting me!

Chrystelle Dudot
Finance and Accounting, Front Office


Toby is a very professional and dedicated English teacher. Thanks to his listening skills and his experience, he was able to renew/refresh our English lessons on site by creating a tailor made course which increased drastically the motivation of the participants. I can highly recommend working with Toby.

Virginie Schwartz
Former Talent Manager, LuxPET


I have the pleasure to learn with Toby. He uses the different modes of communication to teach English so we make progress across the different fields of the language. The English lesson with Toby takes place very quickly because he teaches with an enjoyable atmosphere, a touch of humour and provides really good constructive advice. In addition he is very accommodating in organising lessons.

Anne-Charlotte Mathieu
Health, Safety and Environment Engineer


Toby's teaching is reflective and focused on achieving results. Toby is open to the needs of his customers and he answers those needs!

Laure Fridman
Trainee, Century 21 Real Estate


It is very accurate, lessons are very well structured and easy to understand. I really enjoyed my lessons with Toby.

Esperanza Cevallos
Personal Coach


The course is very dynamic and I’ve learnt a lot of things useful for my job as assistant, the teacher is very good and always available for any questions.

Nayara Garcia
Lawyer assistant, Arendt

As an auditor, Toby helped me how to conduct a Quality, Safety and Environment audit in English. It was a pleasure to work with him because he understood quickly what was my aim and had elaborated a schedule to achieve it. He guided me during one year and my first audit abroad was a success. Toby always does his best to be available and even you ask him a question per mail late in the evening you receive a quick answer.

Emmanuel Mathiot

Really interesting lessons taught by an attentive and positive teacher.


The face-to-face English lessons allow me to focus on my specific needs for vocabulary and phrases, to deal with my grammar weaknesses when needed and to strengthen the confidence in my English skills. As a result, I speak with more fluency, accuracy and sensitivity in practical situations. This helps me to better transfer my professional knowledge which is a key element for my job.

Quintet Private Bank

The Language Partnership is made up of friendly and very helpful people. Toby and his team are very professional and supportive and they make a great effort to tailor make the content of their classes to our specific reality. We have been working with TLP for 2 years and we strongly recommend Toby and his team to any company who wants tailored support, highly qualified teachers and a great learning environment.


I have worked extensively with The Language Partnership (TLP) in recent years in developing my professional English. TLP provides very experienced trainers who are able to adapt their training to my specific needs. They have a high level of technical expertise in identifying common mistakes that I make and providing alternatives and solutions to improve my precision. They also adopt a coaching role and have developed my wider professional skills in e-mail writing, participating in meetings and presenting to clients in English. On a human level, I found Toby and Ben very positive, open and flexible in their approach and really good to work with! I really recommend TLP as excellent practitioners who are ideal for one to one training.


I can safely say that TLP provides the finest language training in Luxembourg. The francophone participants on the business English course were completely motivated throughout the course. The classes were engaging and specific to the work requirements of the participants. We had near perfect attendance over the duration of the inhouse course which lasted several months. Best of all, we can see continuing benefits. Emails are being written in excellent English and many of the participants are noticeably more at ease speaking English than ever before. Without doubt one of the best training investments we have ever made.


The pronunciation workshop with Ineka has been a very rewarding and profitable experience to me. The improvement of one's pronunciation skills certainly requires regular training over long periods of time, as you would do with practising with a musical instrument or any other manual/physical ability. But this personal work would be improductive and even wrong-biased, without the knowledge of the rules and the particularities / defects of one's own way of articulation. This is what Ineka provides in this course. She opens to you a new door for self development of your English pronunciation. Highly recommended for motivated people willing to speak and sound properly.


My experience with The Language Partnership was more than perfect. Lessons are given in accordance with the level of the student and his knowledge. They have enabled me to improve quickly my grammar, as well as my vocabulary (professional or day-to-day vocabulary). I have also to mention that the teacher – Rebecca – is English native speaker. This is a big advantage to learn a foreign language. She is also attentive to her students and encourage them to take the floor. I recommend them with my eyes closed.


It's been several years since I met Toby Higson, who was my English teacher at a reputable school in Belgium. My work requires maintenance, as well as a constant improvement in my English, so I followed Toby when he set up his own language school in Luxembourg. Toby appointed me a professor from his new company, Rebecca, whose method of work fully meets my expectations. The courses are focused on the framework of my work, and allows us to also discuss current events, family,.... This is the third year that I have renewed my courses with TLP. Proof of my satisfaction. I can only recommend that you take courses with TLP.

Marianne Laffut
GPI Invest S.C.A.

I didn’t know how easy it was to learn English until I started my English lessons with Ineka. More than a teacher she has become my Coach. She applies excellent methodologies and she knows the perfect way to teach me based on my needs. She is a very modern English teacher and her style is far from the boring and traditional methodologies that some schools of languages still implement. Week by week I began to feel more confident about my writing and speaking skills. I am very happy with my progress with Ineka, for the first time I am sure that I will cross the border between level B2 and C1 and I will reach my goal to an advanced level in English.

Josmat Rodriguez


Computer Desk