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Benefits for you:

  • Develop both your Business English and the wider professional skills needed in your job.

  • Improve your spoken fluency and writing skills using a wide range of business scenarios/case studies. 

  • Transform your communication skills and have fun while you are doing it. 

What you need to know:

  • Our In the Box Business English course consists of 10 hours of workshops of 1-hour each. 

  • The maximum group size is 6. 

  • Organised around SMART objectives (see below) allowing you to clearly review your progress.

  • Each session is supported by a comprehensive vocabulary pack. 

  • Detailed certificate and action plan at the end of the sessions.

  • Every session follows our Quality Plan aimed at giving you a fantastic learning experience.

  • English level - A2+ or above (strong, pre-intermediate).

  • Delivery face to face or via Zoom, Microsoft Teams.

  • Held at a time convenient to you in the working day.

  • The cost for 1 to 1 training - 700 euro for 10 hours of learning + TVA. 

  • The cost for group training - 800 euro for 10 hours of learning + TVA. 

  • For company sponsored training we also charge for the evaluation of groups. This charge is 25 euro per hour.

To find out more, please contact us -

SMART objectives:

Please note our SMART objectives can be adapted to the needs of teams and individuals.


  • I can describe the skills and responsibilities needed in my job with more clarity. I can describe my organisation in terms of objectives, structure, values and culture with greater fluency.

  • I can speak on the telephone with greater professionalism and comfort.

  • I can describe change/trends over time with greater nuance. I can report my progress with more precision.

  • I can contribute to virtual meetings with more fluency and confidence.

  • I can write professional emails with greater precision, nuance and cultural awareness.

  • I can feedback and communicate difficult messages with greater tact and sensitivity.

  • I can reflect on risk in my job with a broader range of expressions.

  • I can make small talk and 'dance in the conversation' with more ease.

  • I can manage projects and people using a richer variety of expressions.

  • I can negotiate in English using language which is appropriate to the context.

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