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My approach is to give you the space, confidence and tools to make deep changes. I believe that everybody is unique. I look to define objectives that are personalised and transformative.

Step 1: 30 minutes chemistry session. This focuses on your objectives and the potential we have to work together. I describe our coaching approach.

Step 2: I review the terms and conditions in the coaching contract with you and you sign when you are comfortable. 

Step 3: The timing and frequency of sessions are flexible and suited to your needs. For example, I don't need to hold just one session a month with you if that isn't right for you. 

Step 4: I use best practice coaching tools working against ICF Professional Standards. I set action plans for you to implement in between sessions.

Focus of the chemistry session:

  • Explore your aims.

  • Answer any questions you may have.

  • Discuss what coaching is and isn’t.

  • Establish if we are ‘a good fit’. 

  • Define ways of working. 

  • Discuss a schedule. 

  • Review the contract and what it covers.   

Contact information:


Phone: (+352) 691 805 580