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These are the steps that we go through to ensure you get a fantastic experience from our sessions.

Meeting Room

Step 1

First contact meeting to understand your needs. Depending on the type of course you are looking for we might also ask you to complete our online Business English level test. 

Stack of Notebooks

Step 2

We develop SMART objectives for the sessions and talk these through with you. 

Contract Signature

Step 3

We agree the terms and conditions, price and payment arrangements. We sign a contract if appropriate.

White File Folders

Step 4

We give you self study and reflection activities and you join our TLP Learning Zone and receive regular newsletters, articles and helpful tips. 

Pencil and Notebook

Step 5

We develop an action plan for you and you evaluate your experience with us. 


Our Customer Handbook contains all of our policies, from our Customer Service Charter to details about payments, cancellations, complaints and Data Protection.

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