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Trust: The relationship that we build together is based on trust and respect. If you ask me what is the single most important factor in helping someone make profound changes, it is the sense they can be open and honest in exploring what they want and what is blocking them. This type of trust allows us to share the laughter, joy and tears in life! 


Humility: This really matters to me. The world is a crazy place and we are all trying to find some meaning! I believe that ego, pretention, being judgmental - all get in the way of really listening to another human being's experience. 

Quality: Everything I do follows my Quality Plan (QP) designed to give you a transformative experience. The QP sounds geeky but is central to how I work. I have delivered over 10,000 hours of training and coaching. This experience has shown me that having a first contact meeting is critical to understanding your needs, and in helping you define your objectives. Click here to learn more.

Transparency: All my course information, prices, methodology etc, are easily accessible on my website. I also have a Your Questions section and a glossary to make my information as straightforward as possible for you to understand. Click here to learn more.

This value also lives in my TLP Community space. This space gives you free access to hundreds of videos, articles and newsletters. 


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