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I look to combine best practice coaching techniques with my training expertise to create sessions which are unique to you.

My workshops are interactive, target focused and based on a communicative approach. You learn through talking and doing, exploring your values and being creative. 

I make Business Communication sessions innovative and fun. An excellent communication session should be reinvigorating and not a burden in your busy working life. As part of the experience, I will encourage you to be reflective both in terms of the language you use and your wider business skills. 

I provide honest and constructive feedback. I do not make unrealistic claims about where you can get to. I believe that my approach is transformative and will prevent you falling into a comfort zone. I will rigorously assess your needs at the start and then tell you clearly what you need to do to achieve your SMART objectives.


I am responsive to your needs and will always answer any enquiry within one working day. Please click here for my Customer Handbook.

I provide excellent value for money. For any pricing enquiries, please contact


Expertise: I have over 10,000 hours of training and coaching experience.  I am a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and came top of my year group in completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Education at The Institute of Education, University of London, I only collaborate with expert and qualified coaches and trainers. 

Quality: Everything I do follows my Quality Plan giving you a fantastic experience. Click here to learn more.

Passion: I am passionate about both Business Communication Coaching and Training and conduct detailed research to understand what your company does and how I can make an impact. Click here to learn more.

Wider and deeper: Every session is a golden opportunity. If you are developing your skills in contributing to virtual meetings it makes sense to transform both your core language and your wider skills in managing meetings, dealing with difficult questions, contributing ideas powerfully, working with a sensitivity to cultural differences and stating actions with precision. Click here to learn more.

Target focused: All my sessions are organized around SMART objectives that define your end goal and the steps you need to take to get there. Click here to learn more.


Transparency: All my course information, prices, methodology etc, are easily accessible on my website. I also have a Your Questions section and a glossary to make my information as easy as possible for you to understand. Click here to learn more. 

Rigorous: I invest time in a comprehensive evaluation of each participant at the start of the journey and you always get a detailed action plan at the end. 

Innovation: I produce creative and original workshops and resources designed to make you curious to learn more and to develop.

Community: When you work with me, you join my vibrant learning community. My Learning Zone gives you special access to our Five-Minute Reads over Coffee and hundreds of articles and newsletters. 

Fun and interactive: Fun does not mean easy. I create dynamic activities based on real work situations which challenge and improve your skills in a safe environment.

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