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Benefits for you:


Many of us now spend a lot of time working virtually from our home office. We believe that in this context 'small talk' has never been so important. Small talk might sometimes feel superficial, but in essence it is the ability to talk with comfort and fluency about your wider life. While we might not spend so much time talking around a coffee point, it can be a great way to warm up your virtual meetings.

  • We develop your practical English in day-to-day situations. We give particular focus to your pronunciation and general vocabulary and help you feel more comfortable when speaking English.

  • Our sessions are designed to develop your spoken fluency and extend your vocabulary in a supportive and relaxed environment.

  • We cover a huge variety of topics, from the weather and sport, to art, culture and food.

About the sessions:

  • Each session is 1 hour.

  • The cost is 20 euro per session.

  • You can book the sessions in a series of five or 10. 

  • If you attend five of our discussion classes, you can participate in one of our 1-hour Business Communication Workshops for free.

  • If you book ten of our discussion classes, you can participate in two of our 1-hour Business Communication Workshops for free. 

  • The maximum group size is 6.

  • The sessions are organised on-demand and are held online via Zoom.

Session Objectives:

  1. I can bring products and everyday objects to life.

  2. I can talk about festivals with a rich range of expressions.

  3. I can explore the wonderful world of food.

  4. I can describe landscapes and weather with enthusiasm.

  5. I can talk in detail about the human character in all its complexity.

  6. I can reflect on art, culture and music and express my opinions with clarity.

  7. I can describe my home and talk with feeling about my favourite place.

  8. I can debate a contemporary issue in a light and interesting way.

  9. I can ‘dance in the conversation’ when making small talk.

  10. I can talk about my outside interests with passion.

  11. I can describe cities and make suggestions for change.

  12. I can speak with warmth about self-care in difficult times.

  13. I can use idioms to describe both people and the world around me.


  • Your level of English needs to be B1 and above.

  • To understand what the different levels mean click here.

To book sessions or to find out more, please contact us -