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My work 

The need to communicate powerfully and authentically has never been greater than in this complex environment. I specialise in offering 1 to 1, team and group coaching. I focus on improving your communication skills, and more generally helping you to unblock/get unstuck and move forward. 


I am passionate about delivering excellence. My workshops are based around SMART objectives, focused, innovative and unique to your needs. My approach draws on both an extensive coaching toolkit and deep training expertise. I have delivered over 10,000 hours of Business English/Business Communication training and coaching. I am an accredited coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation and came top of my year group in completing my Post Graduate Certificate in Education at The Institute of Education, University of London. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching from the University of Chester. 

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Case study 1 - My Coaching:

You are feeling anxious and uncertain about a particular work situation. You feel stuck/blocked when communicating in particular contexts, with particular colleagues. 

My 1 to 1 coaching can help you to move forward. I organise a 'first contact meeting' and talk through how we can work together and your objectives. I create an environment in which you can generate solutions and actions in making a profound change.


Case Study 2 - Our Business Communication Workshops:

You are the HR Manager of a medium sized company. You have a strong sense that the quality of email writing to clients in English is just not as professional as it should be.

You are not sure if it is about language precision, understanding of formality, cultural awareness or lacking the expressions to bring to life your company's products and services.

This is where I come in. I conduct a deep review of your needs and create a unique programme for you. 

You join a community:

When you work with me - you join my TLP Community. I maintain a vibrant learning community with regular Five-Minute Reads over Coffee and access to hundreds of videos, newsletters and articles.

The best way to find out more:

I believe that the best way to understand my approach is to meet me (online or in person) for a 30 minute and free first contact meeting. Contact me at

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