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Ineka Estabrook

Ineka has been an English teacher most of her life, first with immigrants in the United States, then with Business professionals after moving to Europe four years ago. She's an American based in Luxembourg and teaches English both online and in person to students from Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania, Russia, the United States, and Germany.


She's completed a Master of Education in the United States, a TEFL advanced training in Prague, and has been trained in best practice approaches for English language learners all over the world. Her passion and priority is always her students and her greatest joy is helping them reach their goals.



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Carlos Calvet

Carlos is a BACP registered counsellor. He integrates in his work a synthesis of separate models in a way which is meaningful to his personal values. These values centre on the autonomy of the client as the driving force for growth, using the counselling relationship as leverage for change. 

At times life can feel overwhelming and you may find yourself in a moment where all the options seem closed to you. Carlos offers you a stable and supportive place where you can talk about it, at length and without pressure. He will listen and help you to put into words all those things that you need to let out or that are holding you back. 

Carlos has experience with many issues, including: Loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-harm, bereavement, low self-esteem, loneliness, abortion or miscarriage. He is bilingual and can offer sessions in English and Spanish.

For his approach and next steps, please visit his website.


Website: About – Senda Counselling

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