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Benefits for you:


Do you need to use English in meetings, writing emails, preparing for presentation or making small talk with a colleague?


Do you need to learn key expressions used in a particular sector such as Finance or manufacturing?

Whatever your motivation, we are confident that we can offer a course that meets your specific needs. 

We develop both your English language and a wide range of other professional skills, for example in understanding different levels of formality and communicating difficult messages with tact and sensitivity. 

Every course follows our step by step Quality Plan, giving you a fantastic learning experience.

SMART objectives:

We work with you in defining the SMART objectives that need to be achieved in your course. 


To benefit from the majority of our sessions we recommend you are at A2+ level or above. At a Beginner/A1 level we suggest General English sessions that enables you to build your understanding of the basics in English grammar and vocabulary. Please click here for a full explanation of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and to better understand your English level.


You learn through ‘talking’ and ‘doing’ and not simply listening to the trainer. We develop your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and skills in speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and listening, in a context relevant to you.

Choose your delivery –  Face to face or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.



A needs analysis is conducted at the start of the sessions to ensure clear SMART objectives for each session and the overall learning programme. This allows you to clearly review your progress. 

At the end of each set of sessions you receive a profile of your strengths and areas for future development against the CEFR levels. 

Luxurious Office



  • These workshops provide a great way to quickly transform your communication skills.

  • We offer companies a set of focused workshops, designed to meet your specific needs.

City Sky



  • Our In the Box Business English course consists of 10 workshops of 1-hour each and gives you the essential Business English you need to operate effectively in the workplace. 

  • Develop your core language skills and wider professional skills - giving you more confidence and precision when speaking and writing in Business English. 

Sunset Over the Bridge



  • We offer a number of specialist courses in the areas of finance, HR, law and manufacturing.

  • We also offer Business Writing courses.

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